Ethanol Fireplace Tips and Tricks

Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol Fireplace Tips and Tricks 

Keep children and pets away from an Ethanol Fireplace while igniting or refueling.

While refilling, it is likely that fuel will spill. Immediately give a thorough clean even though it will evaporate quite quickly, especially from a flat, smooth or absorbing surface.

Avoid overfilling the fuel tank. An Ethanol Fireplace needs only to be filled to the ¾ full level.

Ethanol Fireplace

Do not open a fuel container near an open flame as it can result in flash fire. Also make sure that the tank is not hot. A ten minute wait for it to cool down before refilling is a good idea.

Clean the stainless steel part of the Ethanol Fireplace by using an everyday household stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth, while any discoloration on the fuel tray can be removed with a stainless steel cleaning paste.

Make sure that you have removed the Fireplace tray and lid prior to cleaning.

Keep the manual close at hand and strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Keep the fuel container tightly closed and all times and also keep it out of reach of kids and pets.

An Ethanol Fireplace should not be moved after being lit. Doing so would simply create an accident.

An Ethanol Fireplace is not meant to be located underneath a table or any other piece of furniture. That will only cause a fire. Allow lots of space all around.

To light your Ethanol Fireplace, use a long matchstick or gas wand to protect yourself against a flame flash.

To avoid fumes after filling the tank, ignite the Ethanol Fireplace immediately.

Ethanol Fireplace

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