Electronic Water Softener – 14 Best Features

Electronic Water Softener

Electronic Water Softener – 14 Best Features

  • Eliminates scale & extends the life of all plumbing fixtures.
  • No more lime clogged showers and pipes and improves water flow.
  • No more scum and stains in sinks, basins and toilets
  • Softens water without removing or adding any minerals.
  • Prevents itchy skin after showering in hard water.
  • Zero maintenance required.

Electronic Water Softener

  • No more expensive softeners and messing with salt and brine.
  • Dishes and glassware come spotless.
  • Makes water feel softer and is kinder to the skin and hair.
  • Can lower water and sewer bills.
  • Saves power by improving water heater efficiency.
  • Almost zero energy costs to run (less than a dollar per month).
  • Works effectively with all piping.
  • Extends the life of water filters and Reverse Osmosis membranes

 Electronic Water Softener

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