What makes a Electric Heat Pump Water Heater green?

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

What makes a Electric Heat Pump Water Heater green?

Removing 1.6 million cars from our roads and thereby saving 19.6 billion pounds of carbon emissions would be an effective green effort. This is what the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program has estimated would be the impact on our planet if every water heater bought in America in one year were an electric heat pump water heater instead of a convention water heater. What if, the same occurred in every other country in the world?

Below are ten good reasons that make an electric heat pump water heater green.

ENERGY SAVINGS – EF (Energy Factor) more than double the EF of conventional heaters.

COST SAVINGS – Energy saved means money saved by homeowners.

LESS AIR POLLUTION – Energy saved means less air polluting electricity production.

FIGHTS CLIMATE CHANGE – Less air pollution means less CO2 warming our planet.

PLANET PROTECTION – Less electricity and gas produced means less depletion of fossil fuels.

DURABILITY – Technologically designed to last longer than conventional water heaters.

NOISE REDUCTION – Runs much quieter than conventional water heaters.

LOWER GREEN COST – A lot less expensive than solar water heating.

USES RENEWABLE RESOURCES – One of the main resource requirements is limitless air.

USES A FREE RESOURCE – The heat contained in the air is free.

POWERED BY NATURE – Air is an abundant, natural resource.

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

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