14 Things That Make Ductless Air Conditioners Green.

Ductless Air conditioners

14 Things That Make Ductless Air Conditioners Green.

Ductless air conditioners have only recently started to become popular in the United States, however, they are widely used in Europe and elsewhere where energy efficiency is a priority and green living a more common way of life.

While it is true that they are initially more expensive compared to ducted central air conditioners, the savings to the planet and ultimately to the homeowner when using a ductless air conditioner cannot be compared.

Here is a list of good reasons why as well as other reasons why ductless air conditioners are green.

MATERIAL SAVINGS – the manufacture of an attic full of ducting is avoided.

MONEY SAVING – a significant energy saving equates to fewer homeowner costs.

WASTE ELIMINATION – energy is only used to condition the rooms that are being used.

RECYCLING – existing homes can be extended and conditioned instead of building new.

ENERGY SAVING – ducting energy losses and conditioning unoccupied rooms eliminated.

AUTOMATION – remote controlling increases efficiency and occupant comfort.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY – a heat pump avoids dangerous combustion gasses.

REDUCED ACCIDENT RISK – runs on electricity, not gas.

IMPROVED COMFORT – constant air movement and temperatures due to frequent cycling.

ECO FRIENDLY – no air pollution from the burning of gas or oil for heating.

MOLD PREVENTION – ease of de-humidification enhancements eliminates dampness.

OCCUPANT SAFETY – installations negate the need for openings that intruders can exploit.

EFFICIENCY – better results from less consumption.

LABOR SAVING – easier duct-free installations that require less labor and time.

Ductless Air Conditioners

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