First, lets review the best features of Drip Irrigation

WATER EFFICIENT – plants are derived water exactly where they need it, at their roots.
SAVES WATER – drip irrigation uses 90% less water than standard irrigation systems.
REDUCES  PESTS  AND DISEASES – no more surface water attracting bugs and molds.

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Now lets review these three drip irrigation products

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Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose System
Rain Bird GRDNERKIT - Gardener's Drip Kit
Garden Row Drip Irrigation Snip-n-Drip Soaker System
50' of 1/2" soaker hose, 25' of 1/2" garden hose, one faucet adapter, one quick-connect coupler, eight hose couplers and one end cap
1 Faucet Connection Kit, 50-foot 1/2-inch emitter Tubing, 50-foot 1/2-inch tubing, 25-foot 1/4-inch tubing, 2 1/2-inch barbed couplings, 3 1/2-inch barbed tees, 2 1/2-inch barbed elbows, 1 1/2-inch end closure, 10 galvanized stakes, 5 1/4-inch barbed tees, 2 1/4-inch barbed couplings, 5 1/4-inch tubing stakes, 10 1/4-inch tubing plugs, 5 1.0 GPH spot watering emitters, and 1 emitter tool.
100' of 1/2" soaker hose, 25' of 1/2" garden hose, one faucet adapter, one quick-connect with coupler, three 3-way hose couplers, one hose coupler and four end plugs.
6.2 lbs
3 lbs
38 lbs
50' of 1/2" soaker hose
(50-foot) 1/2-inch emitter Tubing, (50-foot) 1/2-inch tubing, (25-foot) 1/4-inch tubing
100′ of 1/2″ soaker hose
Soaker hose
Drip system
Soaker hose
Buyer positive remarks
Quick and & easy customizing.

Love this product for my vegetable garden.

A must-have for a custom garden!

Waters flowers and not weeds.
Good starter kit.

Easy to manage when warm.

The online guide is very helpful.
So easy to put together.

Perfect set up for small garden.

I had no idea setting up an system could be so easy.

This product was a pleasure to work with.

Set up in less than 15 min.
Buyer negative remarks
Not easy to customize.

Difficult to find end connectors.

No warning that pressure regulator not included.
Lacking in parts and directions.
Barely enough to get started.
Irregular water delivery.

The hose splits when capping.

Not of superior materials.

Cracked and useless after one use.

How drip irrigation works

Unlike with a drip system, a sprinkler needs to run long enough to let the water work its way into the soil and reach the roots of the plants where it is absorbed.  It is difficult to determine exactly when enough water has soaked into the ground. In fact, many people turn their sprinklers on and let them run until they see a stream of water running down the driveway.  Whenever you see pools of water on top of the soil or around plants, water is being wasted.  Also, up to 50% of the water dispersed by a sprinkler is lost to evaporation.

The solution is a drip irrigation system which allows you to get water to the roots of your plants efficiently.

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 What makes Drip Irrigation green?

Drip irrigation systems are green mainly because they exceed 90 percent efficiency, whereas conventional sprinkler systems are only about 70 percent efficient.  Drip irrigation systems are, in fact, so efficient that many water utilities exempt landscapes irrigated with drip systems from restrictions during drought.  They deliver water slowly, immediately above, on, or below the surface of the soil, right where it is needed, thereby minimizing water loss due to runoff, wind and evaporation. This is great for the environment and conservation of our precious water resources.

Manufactured out of high-quality plastics, drip systems also meet the green requirement of durability, as they are designed to be long lasting and survive the toughest climate conditions.

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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation FAQs

Does my drip irrigation system need a pressure regulator?

Yes. Unlike the water supply in any home, a drip irrigation system works on low water pressure. This means that you will have to install a pressure regulator at the beginning of the system.

Will my emitters get clogged up?

Yes, from time to time some might. It all depends on the impurity content of your water and whether you protected the tubes while repairing leaks. The solution to the problem is to use a filter and to flush the system out if any dirt entered while repairing a leak.

Can I install my drip irrigation system under my turf?

Drip tubing system manufacturers are working on emitters that can be installed below the ground, but at this time I do not know of any that can.  When they do appear on the market, I will be the first to buy them.

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Drip Irrigation Tips and Tricks

Get the right filter – Without a good filter, you are going to have problems. Municipal, and especially well or pond water is full of small impurities that can clog up emitters. Go for high mesh count filters and make sure that you flush your system out with water after making changes or repairs.

Automate your system – Managing a drip irrigation system invariably results in problems, particularly when you discover that you forgot to switch it off on returning home after a day trip. There is a better way. Solenoid valves allow water to enter a drip irrigation tube when receiving a signal from a timer to do so. Each tube can have its own solenoid valve. This way you can automate exactly which tube receives water, when and for how long, and also shut it off at a preprogrammed time.

 Maintain your system regularly – Regular maintenance is critical for hassle free watering and to prolong your investment in your drip irrigation system and plants.  Maintenance includes flushing tubes out after a repair has been made, cleaning the filter regularly and winterizing before a freeze.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how Drip Irrigation can make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these

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