What makes a Drip Irrigation System green?

drip irrigation system

What makes a Drip Irrigation System green?

A drip irrigation system has to be one of the most effective ways to advance sustainability in residential landscaping. With our precious water resources rapidly depleting before our eyes, the use of wasteful water inefficient irrigation system as we know it has to end, together with our obsession with turf grass.

The two together have nothing positive to offer the environment or homeowners, unlike the drip irrigation system, which has endless features that support sustainability, some of which are listed below:

• WATER EFFICIENCY – water is delivered directly to plant roots. Nothing is lost to evaporation via the air, and there is no over spray
• NO STORM WATER POLLUTION – with no over-spray onto driveways and pathways, less polluted water reaches the sewers and waterways
• PEST REDUCTION – less excess water to encourage pests that can harm plants.
• REDUCED PESTICIDE USE – with fewer pests around, there is little or no need for pesticides.
• PLANT HEALTH AND DURABILITY – water delivered slowly to the roots results in plants growing healthier, living longer and requiring less maintenance, herbicides, fertilizers and replacements.
• DURABLE – drip systems are manufactured from high quality, durable plastics designed to withstand harsh conditions
• BUILDING PROTECTION – less water is accidentally sprayed onto buildings, resulting in less mold, greater durability and less maintenance and a discouragement to termites
• RECYCLED – many drip irrigation systems are made out of recycled materials
• MADE LOCALLY – as most brands are made in the US, they have a lower ecological footprint in terms of delivery transport
• COST SAVINGS – because less water is used, water bills plummet as does the never ending cost of conventional irrigation system repairs. In fact, everything on this list saves money.
• GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – all of the above ultimately benefits the environment

Drip Irrigation System

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