Best Features of Composting Toilets

Compositing Toilets

Best Features of Composting Toilets

Composting toilets have been around for very many years. The Chinese are known to have been using a system of composting human waste for more than 2000 years and for many good reasons. Composting toilets that are used and look the same as the water flush toilets that what westerners have become accustomed to, began being produced commercially around 30 years ago, and have been well received by the market because of the following best features:

  • RELIABLE –  well tested and accepted by the market for over 20 years
  • EASY TO USE – almost like a standard toilet
  • EASY INSTALLATION –  only an exhaust and power connections are needed
  • SAVES MONEY- water for flushing, plus chemicals and sewer costs are eliminated
  • COMMUNITY SAVINGS – reduces sewer and treatment plant loads and maintenance
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – converts waste to garden compost
  • ODOR FREE –  aerobic decomposition process produces only a slight earth smell
  • NO PLUMBING NEEDED – a water and sewer pipe free system
  • SPACE SAVING – a benefit of not needing pipes
  • NO SEPTIC PUMP OUTS –  no more waste added to septic tanks
  • EASY TO EMPTY – an easy flip and bag process
  • LITTLE OR NO POWER REQUIRED – for a 12-volt or solar exhaust fan
  • GENTLE ON THE ENIRONMENT – no more chemicals entering the sewer system
  • MADE IN AMERICA – most brands are made in the US

Composting Toilets

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