Hot Water Circulator Pump FAQs

Circulator Pump

Hot Water Circulator Pump FAQs

Is special plumbing required?
A hot water circulator pump is designed to use existing plumbing.

What is the life expectancy of a hot water circulator pump?Life expectancy varies with use but on average the pump will last fifteen to twenty years.

Are spare parts available?
Yes, they are readily available at plumbing supply stores.

How long is the typical warranty?

Circulator Pump

Most hot water circulator pumps come with a manufacturer’s warranty that varies from 1- 3 years.

How long have circulator pumps been on the market?
For more than 20 years.

Should I install the Hot water circulator pump at the furthest fixture from the water heater?
If you install the Hot water circulator pump at the furthest fixture from the water heater you will fill the main line with hot water so that all the plumbing fixtures in your home will have hot water.

How noisy is the pump while it runs?
The pump makes a low hum that you can hardly hear.

Will it work on all water heating systems?
A hot water circulator pump works with all heaters including electric, solar, tankless, oil and gas.

What effect will the pump have on the municipal water system?
There is no effect on the water system outside of your home.  The Hot water circulator pump draws hot water from the water heater into the hot water line and transfers cold water back into the water heater.

Water systems outside of your home are not able to enter the closed loop system created by the hot water circulator pump. The water pumped back into your plumbing system travels straight to the hot water heater as that is the point of least resistance.

Does the hot water circulator pump heat the water?
No, it is nothing more than a pumping system that delivers hot water from your water heater to the fixtures in your home.  It transfers the cold water that you would normally pour down your drain back to your water heater.

Will I have to install an electrical outlet for it to use?
Almost all hot water circulator pumps draws less than 5 amps and uses 110V.

How much will the pump increase my electrical bill?
This depends on how much hot water you use, but in general a hot water circulator pump costs about 5 cents per day to operate or about than $20 per year.

Is a system needed for each fixture?
Most homes utilize only one hot water loop.  As long as your fixtures are plumbed off one main line, only one hot water circulator pump will be needed.

Will it increase the pressure in my water line?
There is no pressure added to your water lines.  A hot water circulator pump simply returns the cold water in your plumbing back to your water heater.  The re-circulating loop creates no additional pressure.

How much will a plumber charge me to install the pump?
Most plumbers can install a hot water circulator pump in less than 2 hours.  In fact, most installations can be completed by a handy homeowner at no cost.

How does the system save energy?
A hot water circulator pump system operates on demand.  This means that your hot water won’t be losing heat while standing in pipes, which will allow you to lower the thermostat setting because the system reduces heat loss in the delivery of hot water.

What affect will it have on my septic system?
A hot water circulator pump will REDUCE the amount of water going into your septic system.

I use well water. How will it be affected?
Since you will be drawing less water from your well, it will last longer, and, therefore, a hot water circulator pump will have a positive effect on your well.

What happens if the pump is running and I open the cold water tap?
Just as normal, cold water will flow from any cold water tap.

What happens if someone activates the Hot water circulator pump and hot water is already in the line?
The bypass valve will detect that there is already hot water in the pipe and will not activate the pump.

Can I install multiple switches?
You may splice as many switches into the low voltage wire as needed.

Circulator Pump

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