Salt Chlorine Generator  – 13 Best Features

Salt Chlorine Generator

Salt Chlorine Generator  – 13 Best Features

SAFE – no more buying, transporting, storing, and handling chlorine.

EASY – once installed, water is cleaned automatically.

SIMPLE – never measure, mix, or deal with chlorine again.

SAVES MONEY – only salt and water are required.

Salt Chlorine Generator

RELIABLE – no moving parts to go wrong.

VERSATILE – works for plaster, vinyl or fiberglass pools up to 40,000 gallons.

CLEANER WATER – increases water clarity.

HEALTHIER – only the required chemicals are generated.

MADE IN AMERICA – most brands are made in the US.

NO IRRITATION – no formation of chloramines to irritate eyes and skin. N

O MORE BLEACHING – eliminates bleaching of hair and swimsuits.

RECYCLABLE – reuse salt over and over again.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – no empty plastic chlorine containers heading for the landfill.

Salt Chlorine Generator

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