How does a bioethanol fireplace work?

bioethanol fireplace

How does a bioethanol fireplace work?

Bioethanol fireplace

Everyone enjoys the sight of a wood burning fireplace, but no one enjoys cleaning up afterwards.  A bioethanol fireplace solves this problem and much more. A bioethanol fireplace is also a much greener way of heating a room, but how does it work?

A traditional fireplace requires the burning of wood. This combustion process requires a chimney to allow the smoke, soot and a list of toxins that are harmful to humans to escape. Unfortunately, with it also goes 90% of the heat.

A bioethanol fireplace does not burn wood and does not have a chimney. Instead it burns a fuel, derived from biological products, that is clean burning. This means that no smoke, soot or toxins are given off.

In order to achieve this, a very special type of fuel is used – Bioethanol, which is a liquid denatured ethanol. It is also known as Methylated Spirits.

Instead of smoke, soot and toxins, bioethanol emits heat and a very small amount of steam and carbon dioxide. For this reason,  it can be located in almost any free-standing location in a home or building. The clean burning, dancing flames of a bioethanol fireplace produces a beautiful dancing flame; that is mesmerizing for many.

Bioethanol is created when the starch and sugar components of certain plant products are fermented. This is why it is referred to a renewable fuel – because the plants are easily and quickly grown. Examples are potatoes, corn, grain, beetroot, milk, rice, bananas and dates, to name a few.

Plants grow because they capture and store free energy from the sun via a process known as photosynthesis. During the fermentation process of starch and sugars in these plants, the stored energy is converted into bioethanol fuel.

Bioethanol has also become a very popular component to blend with gasoline. This and the fact that it is also bio-degradable makes it the fuel of choice for the sustainably minded.

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