First, let’s first review the best features of Artificial Grass .

  • No more weekend mowing.
  • No more noise pollution.
  • No more fertilizers and chemicals.
  • No more sprinkler repairs.
  • No more mower repairs.

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Now lets review these three Artificial Grass products:

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Ingrass Premium synthetic turf
Sphere Turf
All Turf Mats
3 choices
11 choices
10 choices
Multiple sizes
Multiple sizes
Multiple sizes
Drainage holes
Lead and heavy metal safe
Pile height
1 1/8" - 1 3/4"
1 1/8" - 1 3/4"
1" - 2"
Return policy
30 days
30 days
30 days
8 years
10 years
Buyer positive remarks
Easy to rinse dog waste off,
Dogs pottied on it immediately,
SO much bang for your buck,
Awesome quality
I love it,
My kids love it,
Great under foot,
Dogs loving it,
Cleans easy
Excellent quality,
Looks real,
Better than expected,
Buyer negative remarks
Poor quality,
Rude customer service
Melted in the sun,
Looks cheesy,
Looks fake

How is Artificial Grass made?

We have all been surprised when told that a manicured lawn that we have been admiring, turns out to be artificial turf grass. How can it be?, we ask. After all, it looks so real. So then we inspect it very closely and discover that it is indeed, not something that we are going to spend any time pushing the lawn mower over on weekends. So how do they make it look so real?

It turns out that artificial turf grass is made by carpet manufacturers, in very much the same way as they make regular tufted carpeting. Let’s take a look and see how it all comes together.

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What makes Artificial Grass  Green? 

I am a very big fan of artificial grass because it eliminates lawn maintenance and therefore reduces noise and air pollution and the use pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides and saves water etc.

However, I think that the crumb rubber filler material is an ecological disaster because much of it will somehow end up being washed down drains and sewers, into our rivers and oceans, be eaten by fish and end up on our dinner plates and finally our bodies.

However, there are natural substitutes such as small pieces of cork, coconut shell granules, wall nut shell grindings, ground rice, tiny shells, and pea size pieces of quartz or volcanic rock.

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Lets dig deeper with Artificial Grass FAQs

How long is the warranty on artificial grass?

Most manufacturers of good quality artificial grass provide a 10-15 year warranty.

How long is the average lifespan of artificial grass?

Artificial grass product technologies are constantly improving. Depending on how used, the  latest brands can last more than 20 years.

Is artificial grass difficult to install?

It’s not hard to install, if you have the right tools. However it is a project! Getting professional help would be a smart move.

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Tips and Tricks for Artificial Grass.

Don’t attempt to patch damaged areas.

If a patch of synthetic grass becomes damaged, contact the installer and get them to replace the problem piece. Do not attempt a DIY patch with the aid any type of glue that can be bought in a regular hardware store, or nails, bonding agents or screws. It simply won’t work, and you will cause more damage and compromise your warranty.

Acclimate the material before installation.

Allow the sun to soften the artificial backing by laying it out for a 1-2 hours before installation. This will make the installation project much easier.

Pull tight before pinning.

The last thing that you want to see after installation, is folds in your artificial grass. To avoid this, take the above acclimation tip and pull the material taught before pinning it down.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how artificial grass can make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these

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