First, let’s first review the best features of a Home Air Purifier.

REDUCES BAD ODORS – results in a fresh, clean smelling home
FIGHTS BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS – viruses, mold spores, bacteria, fungi, etc.
REDUCES ALLERGY STIMULANTS – pollen, pet dander, and dust

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Now lets review these three Air Purifier models:

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REME by RGF whole house air purification system
RGF Guardian Air PHI Cell 9" STD-GA whole house air purification system
Second Wind UV whole house air purification system
Model number
12 inch probe 5.5 inch plate
9 inch probe 5.5 inch plate
9 inch lamp
3 Pounds
3 Pounds
15 Pounds
Blower size
1,000 to 6,500 CFM
1,000 to 6,500 CFM
110 Volts/14 Watts
110 Volts/13.3 Watts
110 volts/77 Watts
1 years (US only)
2 years (US only)
1 year lamp, 5 year ballast
User dislikes
1 year warranty
3 year bulb change needed
User likes
3 years working great
Easy DIY install
User likes
Reduced wife's allergies

How does an Air Purifier work?

We have all noticed how different homes each have their unique smells. These smells are from very tiny particulates that have emitted from pets, the inhabitant’s personal products, cooking, cleaning and many more indoor sources. The demand for more energy efficient homes has resulted in them being much better insulated and sealed and becoming almost air tight.

The result is that the particulates, with their collective smells, are unable to mix with outdoor air and, therefore, stay in the home. That is where an air purifier comes in, as it removes these particulates together with their smells.

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What makes an Air Purifier green?

Standard homes typically use more energy than they should, which is not good for our planet. Also, their indoor air does not always support comfort and good health. People who suffer from allergies can be especially sensitive to airborne particles in the air. In fact, indoor air pollution has been identified as a major environmental health problem.

This is because the air inside them can often be polluted, stale, and unhealthy. Homes that are eco-friendly and green have been designed or retrofitted, to amongst others, include features that are energy efficient, provide good indoor air quality and save money.

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Air Purifier

Lets dig deeper with Air Purifier FAQs

Do I need an air purifier? My air-conditioner has a filter.
Air-conditioner filters are designed to trap medium to large particles in the air. They have no ability to deal with toxins, gases, vapors, or odors, as well as microorganisms, such as viruses, mold spores, bacteria or viruses.

Is sick home syndrome real?
When the occupants of a home start to complain of unexplained flu like symptoms as well as coughing, wheezing, headaches, fatigue, sore throats, lethargy, itchy eyes and nausea, which seem to occur when they spend time at home and there is no other medical explanation, than sick home syndrome is most likely to be the cause.

What are the causes of sick home syndrome?
Our homes are nothing more than almost air tight containers, while everything inside them, including the paint on the walls, the carpeting and floor finishes, the ceilings and the fixtures and furnishings, the personal and cleaning chemicals that we use are all made from synthetic materials that off-gas toxins.

Before the advent of air-conditioning, this was not a problem because our homes had windows that provided ventilation, especially cross ventilation, which regularly flushed out toxins. Air conditioning changed all of that because for it to work, all windows and doors must remain closed at all times. This traps the toxins, and allows them to progressively build up in the home, often resulting in what we call sick home syndrome.

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Air Purifier Tips and Tricks.

Before addressing how you are going to clean the air in your home, you should determine what the source of the contamination is. This could be an area of dampness, your home’s airspace being accessed by a garage or storage area that emits toxic fumes, a gas appliance that is not burning properly, newly painted walls, toxic carpeting or furnishing and much more.

A quick solution would be to open the windows and ventilate your home; however it has most likely been designed around the needs of your air-conditioner, which reduces airflow. This is where an air purifier can be very helpful, but it will be ineffective if you have not removed the source of the contamination. So take care of that first.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how an Air Purifier can make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these

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