First, let’s first review the best features of a Air Conditioner Filters                     

  • Can trap 95% or more of undesirable air particles.
  • Easy to install, replace and even clean for reuse.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Protect and help air conditioners to run more efficiently.

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Now lets review these three Air Conditioner Filters:

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Honeywell Media Air Filter
Bryant/Carrier Evolution/Infinity Air Filter
Lennox Filter Media
25 x 4 x 16 inches
16-3/4x25-1/2x3-5/8 inches
24.8 x 4.4 x 19.8 inches
MERV Rating
Shipping weight
1.8 pounds
4 pounds
Only Honeywell
Carrier/Bryant Infinity
filters are interchangeable
Honeywell FC35A1027,
FC100A1037, FC200E1037
Carbon layer
Buyer positive remarks
Easy to install,
What I had expected,
Does a good job,
Very satisfied,
Good price
Reduced allergies,
No cheaper alternative,
Love it
Lasts 8 months,
The real deal,
Great quality
The real deal,
Works great,
Best price,
Easy to install,
Well worth the money,
Will repeat buy
Buyer negative remarks

How do Air Conditioner Filters work?

First we need to recognize that not all air conditioner filters are equal. The ones that we are most familiar with are those that look like a flat panel. They are inexpensive and very ineffective. These filters need to have quite large pores to allow sufficient air to move through them to also allow the air conditioner to operate. Unfortunately, the larger pores also allow most of the unwanted particulates in the air also to move through with ease. To be more effective, the pores in the panel have to be smaller. But to still allow sufficient air to pass through, there have to be many more of them. The only way to achieve this is to increase the surface area of the panel by folding it many times.

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What makes Air Conditioner Filters Green? 

When it comes to being green, good indoor air quality is one of the main requirements. It speaks not only to the well-being and comfort of a home’s occupants, but also to the well-being of the building. Below are the main features that make air conditioning filters meet these goals.

  • Durable.
  • Renewable.
  • Energy saving.
  • Money saving.
  • Air quality improving.

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Air Conditioner Filters

Lets dig deeper with FAQs for Air Conditioner Filters.    

To ensure good indoor air quality, is a HEPA filter required?
No, media air conditioner filters that are rated MERV 5 – 13 will do an excellent job without the additional expense of having to make modifications to the air system to accommodate a HEPA filter.

Can all air conditioner filters be washed and reused?
No, not all brands can be washed. You need to check before buying.

Do I need a contractor or technician to replace my air conditioner filters?
No, you can easily do this yourself. However, you must make sure that you buy the correct size filter. The only time that you would need the help of a technician or contractor is when you are unable to get a correctly purchased filter to fit properly.

How do I know if my air conditioner filters do not fit properly?
This problem is usually detected when hearing a whistling sound coming from the location of the air filters. Another tell tale sign is when a filter remains clean after a few weeks of use. This could indicate that air is passing around the filter.

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Tips and Tricks for Air Conditioner Filters.

Check that you have not installed your filter upside down.
To ensure that your air conditioner filters are installed right side up, check for flow directional arrows on the outer casing.
Develop a replacement routine.
Don’t wreck your air conditioners by replacing the filters inconsistently. Tie the task to another one that has to be performed every month, like on the same day that you pay your mortgage or bank your salary check.
Change your air conditioner filters gently.
Filters get dirty when they are laden with undesirable particulates and organisms that have been trapped. You don’t want them to be reintroduced to the air in your home when you change your filters. So do it carefully, and gently deposit them into plastic bags for safe disposal.

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So there you have it…….. Can you see how Air Conditioner Filters can make the world a little greener? If so, I hope that you will choose one of these

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