Air conditioner filter Tips and Tricks

Air conditioner filter

Air conditioner filter Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, an air conditioner air filter is not a set-and-forget thing. Installing it correctly and making sure that it is working as it should, as well as replacing it when necessary, requires a level of attention.

Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that your air conditioner filter is performing as it should and providing you with the expected benefits.

Check that it fits.

Before you buy your air conditioner filter, be sure it fits properly into the holder. Check the dimensions of your air conditioning system with a tape measure and then buy the same size.  Dimensions include length, width, and thickness. However, often, you can just look for a part number or size printed on the filter.

Check for leakage.

After you installed your air conditioner filter, make sure that air is not circulating around it. Air should be traveling THROUGH the filter. If air is circulating around it, then the filter is not doing its function of capturing the particles from the air passing THROUGH it.

Don’t install it upside down.

Make sure that the air conditioner filter is installed right side up. Often, there are arrows printed on the air the outside that shows the airflow direction to indicate its correct installation.

Check monthly.

Check your air conditioner filter monthly to make sure it is working properly as well as its level of cleanliness.

Watch for reduced air flow.

Indoor airflow in any air conditioning system is critical. While too much air flow will cause dehumidification problems,  too little air flow may cause the coil to freeze and damage the compressor. A quick trick to check air flow is to hold a piece of tissue paper up to the return air grill. It should immediately flatten and stay against the grill. If instead, it drops down, that indicates an insufficient flow of air. If this is the case, replace the filter and then do the test again. If there is no difference, switch the system off and call a technician.

Contain your old filter.

When changing air filters, immediately put the old one into a plastic bag. This will prevent particles that were trapped by the filter from becoming air-borne.

Don’t be cheap.

If you want decent air quality in your home, then don’t use cheap air filters. Always used the pleated type with a medium range MERV rating. You cant afford to be cheap when it comes to your and your family’s health.

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